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the generation of clean, reliable hydroelectric power

In Ontario and Pennsylvania
Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated

Welcome to H2O Power

H2O Power is investor owned and has operated Hydro Electric Generation in Ontario since 2007. Our Canadian sites include 8 hydroelectric generating stations, 2 control dams and 130km of transmission lines in Northern Ontario.


Our Core Entities

H2O Power LP’s Oshawa Control Center (OCC) is a state-of-the-art control center that operates 24 hours per day, controlling our Canadian facilities in real-time through a fully redundant communications network. In addition to these locations, H2O Power is responsible for operating a series of generating stations in the Pennsylvania.

H2O Power

We operate 140MW of generating capacity, with annual energy production of over 850GWh, making us the third largest provider of hydroelectric power in Ontario. All of our Canadian generating stations are operated remotely from our Oshawa Control Center in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

Allegheny Hydro

H2O also owns and operates two run-of-river hydroelectric facilities in Pennsylvania, Allegheny 8 (13.6 MW) and Allegheny 9 (17.9 MW). The two projects comprise 31.5 MW of baseload nameplate capacity located on the Allegheny River. The Allegheny 8 & 9 facilities together generate approximately 200 GWh of clean electricity annually.


Our Locations

H2O Power continues to invest in communities and major projects across North America. Our focus on hydroelectric generation allows us to operate our facilities safely and efficiently while meeting the needs of our customers and electrical grids.