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The Kenora Generating Station is a six unit hydroelectric station located on the Winnipeg River at the outlet of Lake of the Woods in the town of Kenora.

The station was built circa 1906 and in 1921-26 was reconfigured from horizontal to ten vertical turbines. The station was rebuilt in 2019 with six vertical units. The station has an installed capacity of 5.5 MW at a gross head of 5.7 meters.

Located adjacent to Norman GS, the station is a run-of-river plant. Operation pertaining to levels and flow are prescribed by the Lake of the Woods Control Board (LWCB) under the guidance of the International Joint Commission. The LWCB determines and communicates the required discharge through Kenora and Norman GS in accordance with its mandate. When the total discharge of Lake of the Woods exceeds 450 m³/s (including Norman GS and Kenora GS), the tail water levels rise and the net head is reduced, with corresponding reductions in station production. The station is subject to a daily average minimum flow of 10 m³/s.

Each unit has two head gates, which are operated by a common rail-mounted drive system. The station does not have any spillway capacity. All excess flows are spilled at the adjacent Norman GS. The head pond operates between the minimum elevation of 322.2 meters and maximum elevation of 323.5 meters.

Kenora is connected to the existing Hydro One 115kV circuit K2M and connects to Rabbit Lake TS.

  • Location: Kenora, ON
  • River System: Winnipeg River
  • Capacity: 5.5 MW
  • Turbines: 6 vertical propeller
  • Originally Built: 1906
  • Rebuilt to vertical units: 1921